About G4LC

Welcome to the Georgia for Life Coalition (G4LC) blog. G4LC is made up of citizens and organizations who are comitted to the sanctity of life and specifically are working to see legislation like House Bill 1 sponsored by Rep. Bobby Franklin become law. You can reach G4LC by phone at 678-861-4825.  Want to see abortion on demand end in Georgia? We need everyone to pull together and provide their time, talents and treasure to ensure the success of bills like HB 1. Will you take time to pray to the Lord of All to end the murder of pre-born children? Go to the Prayer Points page for specific intercession points. If you would like to volunteer, please see the Volunteer page for job postings. For our public relations and activism efforts we need significant funding, to give please see the Support page.  Together we can succeed in saving countless lives in Georgia. Thank you for your support.

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