Sue Ella Deadwyler’s WMVV Radio Commentary, 1/19/07

Day five of the 40-day session begins Monday at 1:00. That gives legislators time to attend the pro-life march to observe the 44th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion on demand. Since that time, almost 50 million babies have been aborted and their expectant mothers were never fully informed of the baby’s development and possibility of living outside the womb.

But if the Woman’s Right-to-Know bill has been implemented as passed last year, they won’t be ignorant of the consequences and alternatives when they make that death or life decision about the little human they’re carrying inside. If H.B. 1 passes this session, abortion would be outlawed. Workers would be born. Inventors and artists and businessmen and professionals and mothers and fathers would be born and grow up to become citizens of a country that protects and values human life.

Representative Bobby Franklin has introduced a bill that, at best, has an up-hill battle for passage. He pre-filed H.B. 1 before the session and officially introduced it January 9. The Speaker assigned it to the House Judiciary Committee that handles civil matters. Non civil matters such as H.B. 1 are, usually, assigned to the Non-Civil Judiciary Committee.

The bill reminds us all that life begins at conception and the State has a duty to protect that life. It explains that abortion has a devastating effect on physical, psychological and emotional health. He quotes the Georgia Constitution that says, “Protection to person and property is the paramount duty of government and shall be impartial and complete. No person shall be denied the equal protection of the laws.” Since an unborn baby is a person, regardless of public opinion to the contrary, the constitution should be applied to protect its life.

Many people believe the baby is the only victim of abortion, but H.B. 1 lays that notion to rest. Women who’ve had abortions experience unique health problems that often continue throughout life. In a test group of women who had abortions, twenty-five percent went to psychiatrists, while only three percent of those that did not have an abortion sought psychiatric help. Nineteen percent of women who had abortions experience post-traumatic stress disorder and 60 percent of them reported suicidal tendencies. Twenty-eight percent of that group actually attempted suicide. Of them, half tried to kill themselves two or more times.

Abortion’s victims far exceed the almost 50 million that have died. Their surviving mothers find life very difficult, indeed. Some are so traumatized they will never get over the emotional stress and pain. But that won’t bring all those babies back to life. H.B. 1 is a good bill, but I’ve noticed many things in my years monitoring the legislature. For example: the definition of good had changed. We’re all watching as the Scripture is being fulfilled. It predicts that the time will come when they’ll call good evil and evil good. Thirty-four years of wide-spread legalized abortion is proof.

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